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BOAB Cancer Awareness Buy-in

BOAB Cancer Awareness Buy-in

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We gathered heartfelt tributes from our FaceBook group, where members shared names of their loved ones, friends, or anyone they knew impacted by cancer—those who have battled, are currently fighting, or have sadly passed away. Each entry included the individual's name, the type of cancer they faced, and the significant date of recovery or passing. These personal stories were then beautifully adorned on ribbons, each donning the color associated with the specific cancer type, and finally integrated into our jerseys.

This initiative serves as a poignant means to raise awareness, offer support, and commemorate the brave souls affected by cancer. The resulting jersey stands as a testament to the unity and pride of the BOAB family, who are deeply honored to contribute to this meaningful cause.

These are custom and made to order so they take 4-6 weeks to receive. 

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